Why work with AuditSphere?

Exclusive Talent Pool

We only work with the best. Through maintaining a niche business that focuses entirely on a few key industries, we are a partner of choice for the world’s most prestigious organisations.

We know how challenging finding the right candidate can be- that is why we do not simply recruit when we have a job to fill, we initiate relationships and engage with the exceptional professionals often not yet actively seeking their next career move. We are constantly speaking and networking with leading Tech,Finance and Operations professionals and mapping out the market for the potential candidates for your team. So you don’t have to.

Our market mapping, excellent industry knowledge and the fact that many candidates choose to work with us on an exclusive basis, help us deliver candidates that other recruiters simply have no access to.


Highest Quality

We want to really get to know your team and organisation so our candidates have the most insightful picture and can make an informed decision whether they want to take part in the recruitment process.

We will work hard to only send you a selection of 3 best candidates on the market for each role and we are confident that you will be keen on interviewing them. And by the best we do not only mean the relevant experience and technical skills but most importantly-candidates with the right motivations and outstanding interpersonal skills.

All shortlisted candidates will be presented to you with comprehensive CVs and consultant’s comments on their interpersonal skills and motivations.

This approach helps us not only find the most suitable candidates but also the ones that are the best fit for your company and will be willing to stay with you long term.


Absolute Honesty

When we commit to finding a candidate, that is because we are confident we will find him.And we are very determined.

We will also provide fully transparent information about the cost and timescales required in order to find the talent you need.

We will also give you the feedback from the market on the interest in your role, perception of your brand, current market salary rates, recent developments within your industry and constructive guidance on what works, with the ultimate aim of finding candidates who will excel within your organisation.